Hugh Poynor, Ph.D 

WebPoynor, 2004 through present.

Dr. Poynor has developed dozens of commercial and non-commercial web applications since he left teaching. The best way to communicate his current business is to look at the home pages. Please refer to this information for recent experience, a brief introduction to the principles and practice of Web development projects, and how to contact him.

The University of Texas at Austin, 1999 through 2003.

  • Web Systems Development (CIS 3312) is an elective course on Web development. Students learn development skills and all basic Web authoring languages. Topics include: xhtml, CSS, XML, XSLT, SVG, Javascript, ASP/VBScript, PHP, Web services, usability, and graphics and page/site/information design. Student ratings of this course are included below.
  • Introduction to MIS (MIS 310) is an overview of the influence and strategic role of MIS technology on business. Computer and information systems concepts and the most popular software tools currently available are covered. Emphasis is placed on using technology to deliver business solutions.
  • Business System Development (MIS 333K) is a required database/systems development course. It covers object-oriented programming, systems analysis, and large-scale team project work.
  • Introduction to Business Statistics (STA 309) is a required basic statistics course.
  • Distance Learning: Web System Development (MIS 373/CIS 3312 for MIS minors) has been launched by the UT Systems office for state-wide adoption.

Faculty and course ratings

  1. Outstanding MIS Teacher Award
  2. Golden Key International Honour Society, honorary member
  3. MISA Excellence in Teaching Award
Web Systems DevelopmentFall 00Spr 01Spr 01Fall 01Fall 01Spr 02Spr 02Sum 02Fall 02Spr 03Fall 03
Course Well-Organized4.
Communicated Info Effectively3.7444.
Showed Interest in Stu Progress4.
Asgmnts and Tests Returned Promptly4.
Student Freedom of Expression4.
Course of Value to Date4.
Overall Instructor Rating3.
Overall Course Rating3.

Summary of technical skills

IS project development
 · Management and planning
 · Database design
 · SQL
 · Access
 · VBA/VBScript
 · Recordsets
 · Text data files
Web project development
 · Site, page and information design
 · HTML/xhtml
 · CSS
 · JavaScript
 · ASP
 · Graphics editing

Business Experience

  • Software Publisher. 13 years. Harcourt Brace/The Psychological Corporation (TPC)

    Responsibilities. Created and directed teams of software professionals publishing programs to support TPC assessment instruments used by speech, psychological, and educational customers. He used his background in graduate psychology, statistics and computer applications to successfully manage over 25 expert scoring and narrative interpretation systems as commercial applications at The Psychological Corporation. These packages include the very successful Wechsler Writer for WISC and WAIS/WMS, Millon Index of Personality Style, Beck Scales, PsyTest, OPTAIO, and the Scoring Assistants series for WISC, WAIS, CMS, CVLT, ABLE, DAT, MRT and SAT. For the educational marketplace he created the Test Reporting Management System, and the very successful Ready Graphs and Ready Finder series.

    • Hired and supervised software staff of 5 - 16
    • Designed user interface, conducted user focus groups, and authored technical manuals
    • Interfaced with internal customers, authors, and marketing divisions
    • Developed designs and proposals for software
    • Prepared product specifications (requirements and high-level designs)
    • Managed development schedules
    • Developed customer proposals
    • Selected languages and tools
    • Negotiated contracts with outside vendors
    • Produced and managed $2M/yr budget
  • Software Developer/Systems Analyst. 5 years. Poynor Computer Applications, Inc.

    Responsibilities. Designed, developed, sold, and supported custom software for the emerging microcomputer business market in California (1980-85).

    • Retail inventory control and invoicing
    • Materials requirement analysis
    • Fund raising for nonprofit orgs
    • Attorney billing
    • Accounts payable and purchasing
    • Order and service tracking
    • Political campaign accounting
    • Retail property management
    • Computer-assisted interviewing
    • Fixed asset accounting
  • Statistician & Research Manager. 6 years. The University of Texas at Austin; Kirschner Associates; System Development Corporation

    Responsibilities. Principal Investigator for a major national study of individualized instruction mandated by Congress. Statistician and manager for a two-year statistical methodology study on mainstreaming handicapped students. Lead statistician for a two-year research study on best human relations practices in the nations schools. Requirements manager for the development of a test item bank at Educational Testing Service.

  • DP Manager. 8 years. Southwest Educational Development Lab; The University of Texas at Austin.

    Responsibilities. Test scoring and statistical analysis, managing educational program and product evaluation studies. Development and management of computer-assisted instructional systems.

Education. BA (1962) and MA (1965) in Psychology, PhD (1972) in Educational Psychology (concentration in computer applications and statistical methods). All degrees granted by The University of Texas at Austin.

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